Foam Letters

Have you heard of our foam letters?

Our educational magnetic foam letters are perfect for use in office and schools! Despite the fact that we only have a few pieces in stock, we want to introduce this great product to you!

Makes learning fun!

Integrating physical activities during learning tasks has a positive impact on the learning ability of students. Research into the effect of physically active language classes shows that students are more focused on their task immediately after these lessons and their spelling skills improve. With our magnetic foam letters, the children are physically working to make words, which not only stimulates learning but is also a lot of fun!

Educational EVA foam letters?

Perfect to use on whiteboards, but also the solution for every metal base. With 57 pieces in our standard set and 93 pieces in our extended set, you will never have too little letters! For more information call us at +31 (0) 40 289 30 00 or send us a message here.

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