A Magnetic Floor

Magnetic Floor, what’s it all about?

This concept enables to create, change and rearrange every floor style imaginable.
The floor can be printed and cut into any size or shape.
Ideal for a showroom, exhibition, temporary or office floor, all magnetic.

There are two main methods that are used the most which are explained here.

First there is the ready made magnetic floor, which comes in strokes.
For the damping you can choose the thickness you prefer.
Than you’ll apply the underfloor in order to make the magnetic floor click and stick.
Step three is the magnetic floor and you’re done.

The second one is the highly customizable magnetic floor.
This floor has a transparent color and can be printed with an image or a custom color.
Also, because of its transparency, you can use a led panel to highlight an area within the floor.
After these choices are made, we magnetize the floor and it is ready to use.
We have different option available for the underfloor, which allow cables to run thru so they are not visible.

Some of the applications that we sold and used so far are:

  • Showroom floors with custom led panels to show new brand applications.
  • Living room floor with damping, so it feels soft to walk on.
  • Office floor with expansion in mind, so the floor can be extended at any time.
  • Highly customizable¬†exhibit floors, for instance a round floor with a diameter of 6 meters creating different areas.
  • Shopfitting floors in a corporate color, easy to apply, change and clean by their own staff.

Curious for the possibilities, contact us.


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