About us

The Sanders Group

What are we all about, you may wonder visiting this page. Our passion is magnets or to better put it magnetism and has been for the past 35 years. In this time we established a company that serves a wide range of customers with our expertise and knowledge.

To give our customers the best service possible, we can rely on our in-house stock, production and continuous new product development and design.

Our dedicated team of magtusiasts creates everything together and is there to aid customers to find solutions for their ideas and projects.

While we originate from The Netherlands our services spread out throughout Europe and beyond.

That’s why we expanded our office and production to the United Kingdom, Spain and China so the customer is never bothered with long delivery times.

For the reasons mentioned above, we’ve become a trusted partner for companies in the field of promotion, exhibition interior design, offices or just business who prefer raw magnetic rolls and sheets.

Together we create and change the experience for the customers.

Looking forward to hear from you,