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Increase awareness or remind people of the rules with Foamboard. Made from lightweight rigid foam, the material is both effective and durable. Put up over store aisles, on shopping carts or other areas of
visibility to highlight information. Foamboard allows you to support your customers and employees by providing any relevant information required. Ranging from directions to etiquette and rules.

Why choose for our In-store Foamboard

  • Easy Installation Foamboard signage is light and easy to install wherever you need.
  • It's fully detachable so can be easily cleaned with warm water and an anti-bacterial cleaning agent for long lasting use.
  • Foamboard is designed for fl exibility and security on method of attachment. The center hole is intended for attachment via hook, while the corner holes can be secured by plastic tierip.
  • Print protection ensures your Foamboard signage is able with withstand most environments, whilst presenting a high gloss finish.

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