Luxury printable ferrous media

Our MultiSteel series is a range of easy to use, quick change graphic flexible ferrous media. With it, you can create stunning surroundings in seconds, which is perfect for retail, advertising, and exhibitions. From points-of-sales to office boards, interior decoration to restaurant menus, our MultiSteel is a perfect fit and will get any job done! What makes our MultiSteel series so great is that it’s versatile in material and use. It’s weatherproof, water resistant, almost all variants are PVC free and last but not least it’s available in double-sided as well, adding an extra dimension of display possibilities. All you need is a moment of your time and a magnetic surface like our Pro Magnetic or MultiMag to create whichever graphic you desire. Simply roll the MultiSteel on and off the base and let it do its magic

Why choose our MultiSteel

• Thinner and lighter than conventional graphics systems

• The material is so light that it makes it easy to install, reposition, adjust and transport

• Our MultiSteel can be printed on a wide variety of printers and ink delivery systems

• It is available in both single-sided and double-sided variants


• Advertising &amp Promotion
• In-store & POS
• Display & Exhibitions
• School, Office, Home

Thickness variation
0.30 – 0.43 mm

Width variation
1270 – 1524 mm

Length variation
20 – 30 m

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