Personal Handles

Responsive Foam Grips

Get a grip on things with the Personal Handle. These polystyrene foam handles will help you minimize physical touch with surfaces. The material has a lightweight quality with a simple, yet user-friendly concept
in mind, meaning that smaller version can fit in your pocket or purse, while large versions are perfect for commercial applications.

Why choose for our Personal Handles

  • Keeping it simple
    The Personal Handle is an easy to use foam grip, designed with flexibility in mind to form toward each hand grip.
  • Clean and Reusable
    Wash your Personal Handle in warm water up to 95°C with the appropriate anti-bacterial cleaning agent for reuse.
  • Lightweight and portable
    The Personal Handle is both very light and durable so it can be carried anywhere.
  • Variety of applications
    Your Personal Handles can be used to minimise your contact with a wide range of surfaces, including: Doors, shopping carts, outdoor and public areas.

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