Pro Grip

Ultra thin repositionable film for any smooth surface

Our ProGrip series is an exciting innovative display solution with an easy-on and easy-off design that offers both sustainability and creativity. Made on ultra-thin film, it can be printed on a wide range of printers and ink delivery systems. Its design allows for effortless installation, which is faster than traditional adhesive films, with most versions featuring a bubble-free finish. Available in PP or PET media, which allows for variations in terms of appearance and material. Quick and easy to use time and time again, our Pro Grip can be applied on any smooth surface, giving you endless possibilities for creative ingenuity in the world of advertising, decorations and displays.

Why choose our Pro Grip

• Our Pro Grip is removable, repositionable and reusable time and time again

• Our Pro Grip is available in a couple of variations in terms of material and appearance

• Our Pro Grip is a green product that leaves little to no residue, glue or damage

• Applying it requires minimal effort, while the installation itself can be done on most smooth surfaces without any bubbles getting in the way


• Indoor & outdoor application
• Long-term: office posters, signage
• Short term: seasonal retail sales, trade show graphics
• Suitable for clean and smooth surfaces

Thickness variation
0.115 mm

Width variation
1270 – 1520 mm

Length variation
30 – 50 m

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