Pro LED Display


Illuminated Pro LED Display

Our Pro LED Lighting series is the ultimate light display solution to help you emphasize your message and add value to the customer experience. Its luminance is ideal for high quality graphics and can be integrated in interior and exterior. Our Pro LED Display is designed for elegance, low energy consumption and adaptability to a wide range of environments. Customizable and versatile. It can be single, double-sided, freestanding, wall-mounted, integrated or hung from the ceiling. It comes in two variations, the display having the front lit covered or on top of the faceplate. Additionally, there are two cover versions, one with screws or a magnetic cover. From exhibition halls to high-end retail, the Pro LED Display can find a good use anywhere, opening the door to a bright new world.

Why choose Pro LED Display

  • To setup our Pro LED Display requires little effort on your part
  • OurPro LED Dsiplay has an elegant, slimline and most importantly customizable design
  • OurPro LED Display is eco-friendly as it uses energy efficient LED lighting
  • It works great when combined with printed graphics, especially the
    Pro Grip 2/4/6 and 8



  • Displays, Exhibitions
  •  Paintings, Photographs, Posters
  •  Commerce & Office
  •  POS, Retail


A0 1299 mm x 951 mm
A1 951 mm x 704 mm
A2 704 mm x 520 mm
A3 520 mm x 397 mm


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