Pro LED Shelf


Illuminated LED Shelf

The Pro LED Lighting Series is the ultimate light display solution to help you emphasize your message and add value to the customer experience.
Its luminance is ideal for use with high quality graphics. The Pro LED Shelf is designed for easy installation on walls and it has a holding force of 10 KG, providing stunning visual options allied with great practicallity.

It is available in two different sizes, though each uses the same LED lighting technology and eco-friendly low energy consumption.
From exhibition halls to high-end points of sale and retail the Pro LED Shelf can find a good use anywhere, opening the door to a bright new world.

Why choose Pro LED Shelf

  • To setup the Pro LED Shelf requires little effort on your part
  • The Pro LED Shelf has an elegant, slimline and most importantly customizable design in terms of both graphics and size
  • The Pro LED Shelf is eco-friendly as it uses energy efficient LED lighting
  • It works great when combined with printed graphics, especially the Pro Grip 2/4/6 and 8



• Displays, Exhibitions
• Paintings, Photographs, Posters
• Commerce & Office
• POS, Retail


Length 600 x depth 250 mm
Length 900 x depth 300 mm

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