Superior next gen magnetic paint solution

Our Pro Magnetic Paint is a dark grey water-based paint, which contains iron particles that enable magnetic wall decorations. It is a great display solution for many reasons – for starters it’s easy to use and it dries quickly, leaving nothing but a smoothly textured iron coating. If you’re not a fan of the dark-grey appearance, rest assured that you will always have control and creative freedom. Our Pro Magnetic Paint can be painted over with any regular colour emulsion paint of your choose, while the wall still retains its new magnetic properties.

Why choose our Pro Magnetic Paint

• One coating layer can have same holding force as opposed to 3-4 layers of competitive paints

• The new formula guarantees the paint is dry in one hour instead of a few days

• You can paint over our Pro Magnetic Paint without losing the magnetic properties


• Indoor application
• Paintbrush
• Paint roller
• Spray gun not recommended

Can Sizes
1 L ≈ 2,1 kgs ≤ 2,0 m² coverage
2.5 L ≈ 5,25 kgs ≤ 5,0 m² coverage (upon request)

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