Pro Magnetic


The magnetic key to create quick change graphics

Our Pro Magnetic series is a range of printable flexible magnetic media designed to provide a quick change option for graphics applied to steel or other ferrous surfaces. With it you can create stunning surroundings in seconds, which is perfect for retail, advertising, and exhibitions. From points-of-sales to office boards, to
interior decoration to restaurant menus.

Our Pro Magnetic is a perfect fit and will get any job done! You can always use our Pro Magnetic with any of our flexible ferrous media, e.g Pro Ferrous, MultiSteel and of course, Pro Magnetic Paint. Simply roll our Pro Magnetic on and off the base and let it do its magic.

Why choose our Pro Magnetic

• It is a cost-effective solution for all your display needs

• Our Pro Magnetic series is available in different types of top layers

• Our Pro Magnetic series is available in a variety of widths

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor application, depending on the width


• Advertising & Promotion
• Instore & POS
• Displays & Exhibitions
• School, Office, Home

Thickness variation
0.25 – 2.10 mm

Width variation
450 – 1520 mm

Length variation
1.01 – 50 m

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