Pro Magshield

Protected repositionable graphic display system

Our Pro MagShield series is a range of innovative, heavy duty display solutions that are guaranteed to preserve your graphics and save you time, labour and money. It’s impervious to external damage, as it has a scratch resistant design that protects the images from wear & tear. Our Pro MagShield uses protected printing, which shields the graphics from damage, which prolongs its use and longevity. Not only does our Pro MagShield look good, it can also handle the pressure and challenges of a fast paced environment.

Why choose our Pro MagShield

• Our Pro MagShield is a cost-effective solution, guaranteed to save you labor, time and money

• Our Pro MagShield has a scratch resistant design making it ideal for heavy-duty use

• Our Pro MagShield is available for print on a wide variety of printers and ink delivery systems

• Our Pro MagShield uses a protected print which makes it even more hard and durable, thus safeguarding your graphics for longer


• Advertising
• In-store & POS
• School, Office, Home
• Exhibitions & Stands

Thickness variation
0.55 – 1.70 mm

Width variation
1600 – 5000 mm

Length variation
20 m / On request

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