Pro Tec


Luxury printable media

Take marketing to a whole new level and start creating gorgeous floor graphics with our Pro Tec. It provides the ultimate in image protection, capable of handling heavy foot and vehicle traffic. What makes our Pro Tec better than traditional floor graphic systems is its superior durability and versatility. This means that once printed, not only you can place it anywhere at any time, but the graphics will retain their sharp image and quality regardless of the traffic or pressure.

Our ProTec is an incredibly cost-effective solution because of how easy it is to install – no adhesive or skilledlabour needed, just a moment of your time and you will have a beautiful graphic display that’s built to last.

Why choose our Pro Tec

• Our Pro Tec requires effortless installation and minimal effort to install it properly

• Because of its ingenious design our Pro Tec is resistant to slip & tear as well as water and fluids

• It offers superior durability and more versatility than traditional floor graphics systems

• Our Pro Tec is a cost effective solution, guaranteed to save you labour, time and money


• Retail
• Exhibitions
• Showrooms
• Entertainment centers

Thickness variation
0.3 – 2.0 mm

Width variation
1200 – 2000 mm

Length variation
15 – 40 m

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