Safety Figures

The Social Distance Spacing Solution

Circle or square, reconfigure your personal safety with the Safety Figure.
As social distancing becomes mandatory, we all have to follow the rules by standing the designated distance from each other.
Reconfiguring the workplace will be a challenge for many of us, hence the need for signage to help you mark out safety distance.
Use it to adhere to government requirements and for the safety of yourself, colleagues and clients

Why choose for our Safety Figures

  • Lightweight and portable
    The Safety Figure is made from lightweight fine-celled PVC foam material, thus ensuring its ease to install virtually anywhere.
  • Green Solution
    The Safety Figure is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
  • Goes on everything
    The Safety Figure can be placed on virtually any surface both indoors and outdoors, including carpets, wood and concrete.
  • Easy Installation
    The Safety Figure has a jigsaw design, which allows for user-friendly installation

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