Safety First Kit

Personal kit to safeguard your health.

Safeguard your health with the Sanders Group's a collection . The Safety First kit is an all-in-one solution packed with essentials that will help make your daily life more safe and secure for the sake of your personal health and that of your family, friends and co-workers.

Content of the safety first kit

Eye Shield
A pair of lightweight plexiglass goggles that you create a physical barrier against coughs, sneezes and such. Best use in combination with a medical or other protective mask.

Personal Handles
A pair of polystyrene foam handles that you can use to minimize physical touch with surfaces,  such as odor handles, shopping carts and so on.

Medical mask
Wear this medical to help limit the spread of respiratory diseases via protection against aerosols for your own and other people’s health and safety.

Cleaning Cloth
One roll of cleaning cloth that you can use to clean objects and shared surfaces. Spray on a cleaning or a disinfecting agent before you start wiping.

Alcohol hand rub
A bottle of alcohol hand rub so you can guarantee your own hygiene and clean & disinfect your hands on the spot.

Why choose for our Safety First Kit

  • Five/Six Solutions
    The Safety First kit gives you not one but six different solutions to tackle the various challenges of daily life in a pandemic stricken world.
  • Safety First`
    The Safety First kit is designed with safety in mind, which can be achieved by limiting the spread of germs through all sorts of contact, sneeze, coughing, unclean surfaces and so on.
  • Clean and Reusable
    Both the Eye Shields & Personal Handle can be cleaned with warm water up to 90°C with the appropriate anti-bacterial cleaning agent for reuse.
  • Lightweight and portable
    The Safety First kit is both very light and durable so can be carried with users at all times to minimise contact with surfaces.
  • Unlimited use
    The contents of the Safety First kit is replaceable, removable and even cleanable, which guarantees a long service life for all.

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