Budget Sneeze Shield

Desk Protection 

These transparent plastic desk shields have been developed to suit the needs of a new world, one where where both society and the economy follow the rule of 2.0 metres (6ft).
The Plexiscreen provides social distancing in otherwise compact places and restores a sense of safety.
It also protects against droples from coughing and sneezing. It can be put anywhere, in offi ces, retail counters and receptions alike.
The screen is made from lightweight extruded plexiglass which means you get a tranparent solution that’s easy on the eyes you can move around your office with ease

Why choose for our Sneeze Shield

  • Two detachable support stands
  • Transparent plastic (acrylic)
  • Resistance against scratch &
  • other damage
  • Sustainable
  • Lightweight material
  • Protection against
  • coughs & sneezing
  • Barrier for social distancing
  • Easy to move and clean

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