Wood Print


Decorative print on wood

Bring natural ingredients to life with personalized printing on wooden surfaces.
More and more people are looking to make their environment alive.
Wood Print achieves exactly that by combining digital printing with natural materials.

This innovative approach to design opens a door to a new world of exciting
creative opportunities, as you can print on any flat wooden surface.

Why choose a wood print

  • Bring a nice fresh look to your store, office or business with the Wood Print natural effect on its surroundings.
  • The materials involved makes the Wood Print, not only attractive and green but also a cost effective solution.
  • This product offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for all your display needs.




• Furniture
• Wall Covers
• Interior decoration
• Restaurant Menus


Thickness variation (mm) 3 - 50
Maximum width (mm) 2440
Maximum length (mm) 1220


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